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Charles Goldflam opened the door of his Northeast Philadelphia home in 1957 to folks in need of tax assistance and the door has remained open ever since. An ongoing stream of neighbors, local company employees, utility workers, and owners of mom and pop stores lined up on the steps and in the waiting room in order to have their taxes done.

Charlie’s son, Steve, who joined the business in 1996, recalls how his childhood home was alive with an overflowing number of people, a constant buzz of excitement and anticipation, an ever-ringing phone, and lots of kibitzing. When Charlie moved his family and business to a larger house, the new owners had to put up a sign on the old house, “Charlie Goldflam Doesn’t Live Here Anymore,” because the people never stopped flocking to that safe haven of financial help.

When Charlie saw the need to assist his clients in other areas such as insurance and retirement planning, he took on partners. When more and more people wanted to launch businesses, he became an advisor and began creating business plans and accompanying them to the bank to get financing.

 Charlie Goldflam based his life and his business on his motto “I’ll take care of it for you.” And he did just that until he passed away in October 2002.

The company, now run by Steve, still practices the open-door policy begun in 1957, a year before he was born! So stop on by, get your taxes done, meet some interesting people, get some Financial Coaching, become part of the family and let Steve break the myth -- Taxes don’t have to be dreaded!


Steve Goldflam & Associates LLC.
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