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Steve Goldflam grew up answering phone calls from panicked tax payers and started helping his Dad, Charlie Goldflam, fill out short tax forms at the ripe, young age of 12. As he puts it, ďTax preparation and offering impeccable service are in my blood!Ē Born in Cheltenham, PA, Steve grew up in Northeast Philadelphia in two houses whose doors were always open for his Dadís tax business.

Steve graduated from George Washington High School in 1976 and attended Wilkes University in Wilkes Barre, PA where he got a BS in Biology. He moved to Dayton where he got married and also earned a Masters Degree in Biology. His two children, Laura (21) and Andrew (17) live with their mom. Molecular Biology was a great research career for Steve. He worked at the Wistar Institute in Philadelphia doing cancer research and at the W. Altan Jones Cell Science Center in Lake Placid, NY doing eye disease research.

Working directly with people and helping them live a better quality of life was still bubbling in Steveís system. So he returned to Philly and joined the family business as his fatherís partner in 1996. Steve and his Dad quickly discovered that his analytical skills and scientific training were great assets to the organization. After Charlie passed away in October 2002, Steve took over full ownership of the company. Steve is continuing his fatherís legacy by keeping his roots firmly planted in Northeast Philly and taking care of people in his community and beyond by doing tax preparation, retirement planning, audit assistance, etc.

Like his father before him, when Steve sees a way to further help his clients, he pursues it. Steve now offers Financial Coaching, a way of seeing future possibilities and achieving abundance, no matter what your stage of life. Play the CPAGame on this website where youíll safely take chances with your finances and experience some of the virtual abundance that awaits you. Then click here to make an appointment with Steve to begin your uniquely customized Financial Coaching program.

Steve believes that we each must commit to improving the quality of our own lives in order to improve the quality of life worldwide. Steve is helping his clients do this one at a time.


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